RESERVATIONS can be made with the Concierge.

1. Please express to the Concierge your favourite tour day and time, according to the options suggested in the tour description.

2. After verifying availability of ROMEWW2TOURS guides, we kindly ask the Concierge or the Customer to send us a mail to confirm tour day and time.

3. ROMEWW2TOURS willl send a reply via mail (to the hotel address or the Customer’s), to accept tour day and time, also including a reservation number.

4. After assigning a reservation number, we’ll kindly ask you to prepay 10% of the tour-rate in advance to the Concierge, who‘ll release a receit for us.

NOTE: for parties of more than 4 people, we’ll kindly ask you to send 40% of the tour rate to our PAYPAL account, in order to book a SUV or bus or minibus suitable to the party. This is not required for parties up to 4 people.

5. We’ll kindly ask you to complete the payment of the Tour at the Tour finish.

CANCELLATION POLICY. When a Tour is cancelled 2 days before fixed tour-day, NO refound of prepaid account is possible (example: for a tour fixed on March 15th, there will be NO refound for cancellation on March 13th and 14th).

BIG PARTIES AND BIG PARTY RATE. For the ones who may want to share a Tour and its costs with others, we give the following option: please inform ROMEWW2TOURS -via Concierge or via e-mail- about the Tour and the day required. If we’ll receive one or more bookings matching to yours, we’ll let you know (dead-line: day beforehand at 7 pm). If the BIG PARTY has formed, the PRIVATE TOUR RATE will be split among the single participants (example: private tour rate: * 500, number of participants from 2 different families 2+3=5 people in total, big party rate= * 100 per person)