‘I said that according to the rules of Fascist morals when one has a friend, one marches with him to the end. This we have done and will continue to do with Germany, her people and her victorious armed forces’.

                                                                            Benito Mussolini, June 10th 1943


‘We should slit the soft belly of the Mediterranean’.

Winston Churchill

(during the Moscow Conference to Clark and Eisenhower, August 1942)

It is my intention, and in that I’m joined by the people of United States, that Italy will be restored to nationhood after the defeat of Fascism and will take her place as a respected member of the European family of nations’.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

(in reply to Pope Pius XII, early 1943)

‘We not only wanted the honour of capturing Rome, but felt we more than deserved it’

Mark Clark

(in his memoirs Calculated risk, New York 1950)

If you had not pitted your strenght against us at Anzio-Nettuno you would never have landed in Northern France’.

Albert Kesselring

(interview published by the Washington Post, January 1947)